A Nobel Prize-winning physicist giving a lecture at CSFK’s Institute of Astronomy

On February 2, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Sir Roger Penrose will deliver a lecture at the Konkoli Thege Miklos Institute for Astronomy of the ELKH Center for Research in Astronomy and Earth Sciences (CSFK).

The British mathematician and theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize laureate in Physics, will deliver a lecture to institute staff entitled The Second Law of Thermodynamics: From Black Hole Singularities to Conformal Periodic Cosmology. In addition to researchers, professional interested parties can join the event online, the institute told MTI on Wednesday.

The announcement states: Penrose’s theoretical work on black holes has been recognized in 2020 with the Nobel Prize in Physics. In the same year, German astronomers Reinhard Genzel and American astronomers Andrea Ghez shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for their observations of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

The announcement also quoted Robert Szabo, director of the Astronomy Institute, as saying:

He and his colleagues have worked for years to gain the most acclaimed scholars as speakers for the Colloquium Series.

Pulsar discoverer Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, whose discovery also won a Nobel Prize in 2022, delivered a lecture in the Kavli-Kone Aerts Laureate of the University of Leuven’s multi-decade series of symposiums dealing with stars. Seismology.

According to the information, in mid-February this year, Jill Tarter, the legendary figure in SETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) research, will be a lecturer in the seminar series, and other Nobel Prize-winning lecturers are expected to participate in the course. of the year.

Professional interested parties It can be found on the institute’s website You can catch Sir Roger Penrose’s lecture in English on Thursdays from 2pm via the zoom link.

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