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A New York court dissolves Trump’s company for fraud – The Voice of the American People

A New York court dissolves Trump’s company for fraud – The Voice of the American People

A New York court convicted Donald Trump and his two sons of fraud, and in the first step dissolved the most important company in Trump’s business life, the flagship of his business empire, the Trump Organization. The news is shocking because the company has grown as a concept bearing Trump’s name. This means that the company has been permanently removed from the New York State corporate registry, its operating license has been revoked, and it cannot conduct commercial activities. This is a strong blow to Trump, and threatens him even existentially. Now they are trying to figure out how to move the company to another country.

This is not the end of the case, this is just the beginning, because the New York Attorney General’s Office is also demanding $250 million in damages for fraud, as well as a ban on Trump and his children from doing anything. Business in New York State. This affects Trump sensitively, because he also owns huge real estate in New York, which he acquired thanks to his frauds. According to the court, Trump and his children continually overvalued their real estate and assets used as collateral for ten years, allowing them to obtain large loans and interest deductions.

Based on the evidence, the court found that intentional fraud committed for a large sum must be proven, which is the modus operandi of the Trump empire, because it allowed them to obtain hundreds of millions in cuts in the form of favorable interest rates. Trump and his sons made money from these scams, which were more profitable than doing business, while the fraudulent loans allowed them to grow their real estate empire. According to the details of the case, the Trump Organization was built on a deliberate fraud, and the company’s main activity was fraud. Knowing the former president, this should surprise no one.

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Thus, the first stage of the case ends, and the prosecution no longer has to prove forgery, because it is a proven fact. Now comes the rest of the case, which talks about more sanctions and punishments for Trump and his children after the fraud was proven. It also means that the 45th President of the United States was a fraud and called the actions against him again persecution after he wants to become president again. Having cornered the Republican Party, the former Christian conservative must support the con man, and lie with him about persecution.

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