A new TV channel has been launched in Hungary - Napi.hu

A new TV channel has been launched in Hungary – Napi.hu

A new TV channel called Premier TV will be launched in September – Telex.hu writes. The channel will be powered by Media Vivantis, which also operates Life and Ozone TVs.

CEO of Media Vivantis Zrt. Is Péter Hajd, the owner is the ex-wife of billionaire billionaire Lőrinc Mészáros, Beatrix Kelemen.

Premier TV will be launched in September. Media Vivantis has also introduced the channel’s logo, but its branding may take some time. According to the data provided during registration, “education, vocational training, entertainment, sports and culture” will be the areas that they will deal with. DTV Newsra Referring to telex.

The owner of the media company was unchanged from CEO Peter Hajo even when the court sentenced the presenter and producer in December of last year to a 6-month prison sentence – suspended for four years – for budget fraud. Since the court had previously relieved Hajji of consequences, she was not banned from running the company either. Peter Hajo came to the company in May of last year to “give the seasoned TV specialist a new boost to the two popular channels.”

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