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A new studio is being established by former veteran couple The Last of Us and Days Gone

A new studio is being established by former veteran couple The Last of Us and Days Gone

The studio will be called Liithos and their first game will be Ashfall. According to them, this will be the first true Web 3.0 AAA game for PC, consoles and the Hedera network.

Michael Umbauer and John Garvin founded a new AAA game development studio. Previously Mumbauer worked at PlayStation for 13 years, was the Head of the Visual Arts Services Group, worked on games such as the Uncharted series and The Last of Us, and John Garvin was the director and creative writer for Bend Studio. Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gone are the days. Mombauer will take over as CEO, while Garvin will play the writer and director in the studio’s upcoming game, which will be called Ashfall.

In Ashfall, players have to fight for survival in a barren world of global warming and mysterious energy fields that start with a single player experience and then switch to PvE and PvP multiplayer mode. According to Garvin, their goal is to provide a truly next-generation open world experience, which, combined with new technologies, will provide an opportunity for user-generated content. This statement apparently refers to the NFT fever and the increasingly popular cryptocurrency, as confirmed by the CEO’s statement: “I see blockchain as a railway, and a train station itself as a video game.”

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