A new prime minister has been appointed in Kazakhstan

A new prime minister has been appointed in Kazakhstan

Smilov served as deputy prime minister in the previous government, which Tokayev dissolved last week after protests broke out across the country.

The foreign forces deployed in Kazakhstan will soon leave the Central Asian country, Tokagiev said, adding that this will end the work of the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization.

The Kazakh National Chamber of Entrepreneurship said the Kazakh unrest earlier this year caused damages of about 95.3 billion tenge (more than $220 million) to local businesses, with all the losses essentially in Almaty.

According to the Chamber’s statement, “the total damage was estimated at 95.3 billion tea, of which 93.8 million were tents in Almaty.” According to the data received so far, 1,528 companies have incurred losses, the vast majority of which are in the commercial sector.

Kasim Zumart Tokayev also spoke in Parliament and said:

All conditions for foreign investment are available in Kazakhstan. We are interested in maintaining this investment climate.

The head of state promised that the state would take all necessary measures to restore the confidence of local and foreign investors. He stressed that the state fulfills all its obligations and guarantees.

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