A new movement has been launched in support of Gergeli Karaxone

A new movement has been launched in support of Gergeli Karaxone

99 The Gergeli Karaxoni campaign movement began as a movement, including Janos Kiss, Miklos Harraszti, Robert Alfoldi, Andras Hagos, Akos Peter Budd, and others.

The candidate for prime minister announced on Saturday that a new movement would be launched after the departure of Ghirgili Karaxone. The 99 motion site The entrance consists of: “The next chapter of Hungary will be the history of all Hungarians. Instead of a country decorated around distinguished people today, we are creating a homeland that offers everyone a chance, a future and a happy life. It is time to build a new policy that represents the interests of 99% of the country’s population instead of 1% of the rich.”

the movement among its founders Among others we can find names such as János Kis, Miklós Haraszti, András Bozóki, János Kenedi, Ákos Péter Bod, István Elek, Tamás Mellár, Róbert Alföldi, Tamás Bozán, József ngyásó

change and algebra

In Hungary, change and compensation are needed so that a better life is not just a privilege for the one percent of the privileged few, Gergeli Karacsoni said at the show’s online presentation event on Saturday. The mayor of Budapest, as well as the co-chair of the dialogue, announced on Saturday morning that he would run for the opposition primaries for the title of prime ministerial candidate. He said the change and compensation are necessary to benefit the 99 percent majority rather than the few. We need to create a Hungary where no one has to be miserable, said the mayor, where it is much easier to go up and slide down.

According to him, it is time to learn from the collapse of the Third Republic that democracy will last in Hungary only if the system it establishes seems fair to the vast majority of its population. He said restoring democracy must go hand in hand with achieving justice, compensating for the legal, moral and material damage suffered by the vast majority over the past decade.

In Hungary, this requires repeatedly deposing the throne, and this is where the “Restore our damaged and diseased democracy” Said Gerjali Karaxoni. Should there be no one else sitting on the throne to rule,

He said the throne should be withdrawn from the Hungarian political stage so that no one could seize power, only serve.

It was not a change of place and not revenge, not a change, but real change, reckoning rather than confrontation, reparation instead of vengeance.

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The co-chair said that freedom, peace and humanity are the most lacking in everyday life in Hungary today. Gergeli Karacsonni also spoke of starting politics 11 years ago, with the belief and will that “politics can be different”. He added that so far there has been nothing else, but he refuses to accept that politics is equated with corruption, irresponsibility, prudence and induction. He argued that politics must not only be different, it must be different, but must overcome division in order to reunify Hungary.

It can be changed if instead of the constant “or” they say more and more “and” – claimed. He said it is not Europe or a nation, but a nation and Europe, not Budapest or the countryside, but Budapest and the countryside. He explained that there are no Fidesz and opposition Hungary, there is only one Hungary, the common homeland, where freedom and security are guaranteed through the rule of constitutional law, where the institutions of democracy are stronger than violent politicians. Let’s find the commonalities again, we need it now, because after ten years we have to defeat unimaginable opponents again – Gergeli Karacconi called.

He said there was a need for a more sustainable and humane policy after the pandemic and crisis. He added that the future will either be green or not, so there is a need for a green and social transformation. Gergeli Karaksoni stressed that the change of government is conditional on full cooperation with the opposition. Today, he added, the opposition forces, unfortunately, after years of their constituents, but they understood it.

He stressed that the camp of those wishing for change should increase significantly by writing a new chapter in the country’s history that transcends the policies of the past thirty years. That is why they should not compete in the pre-opposition elections for whoever has more vocabulary to insult the government. “Maybe the field is a little strong in this,” Gergeli Karacconi commented.

He stressed that here and now, in fair, intelligent and rational discussions with each other, it must be determined who can maintain the cohesion and strength of the diverse opposition coalition. It must decide who can expand the camp of those who want change, defeating the 1 percent rule of the franchise for a 99 percent majority.

The politician said, We are not looking for the most suitable person to lead the opposition, but to lead the country.

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Gergeli Karaxoni said that in order to stop the “brakes and balances” that lost 1 percent, everyone is needed: conservatives, nation and tradition, liberals, institutions that guarantee people’s freedom and dignity, leftists, social solidarity, greens, professional and civic politicians, free press and societies.

The mayor announced that he would launch the 99 movement in this spirit. He said the movement does not want to serve change in Hungary, but rather wants parties. As he said, anyone who is a believer and supporter of change can join the community. Gergeli Karaxone also noted that the 99 movement has already brought together people “So far they haven’t been together much in public life.”

Gergeli Karacconi said that a 9-point program will be developed, which contains the basics of a cohesive society and the rule of law. He said the details of the program will be announced in the coming weeks and I want to discuss them with those with whom we started the joint movement today. The politician said: “Our goal is neither more nor less: to isolate the lucky one percent for the sake of the 99 percent, to replace those in power with the power of the people, and for Hungary to breathe, calm down and be a common home for all of us. Let us agree to Hungary “ I have closed.


movement 99 So put it His faith on his website

Hungary must be reunited!

It is imperative to unite our country, divided by force, crises, and plagued by pestilence!

Faced with the successes and failures of the Third Republic, the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the social and economic crisis, we need to rediscover how we want to live together in this country. Nobody can answer this for us. After all, we cannot leave the decision to the few whose unbridled rule has torn the country apart and removed politics as far as possible from what it should be: our common life. who, instead of serving the common good, put the state at the service of their privileges. Power is the source of money for them, and money is the source of more power. Today, 1% of franchisees rule 99% of the majority

It’s time for the country to abandon this rule!

We all need a Hungary where no one questions the other’s Hungarian, where no one prints on the other or looks down. To Hungary where no one has to skimp, where it is much easier to get up and slide down. Where the self-conscious choice of European values ​​goes hand in hand with the service of belonging to the nation. Where freedom and security are guaranteed by the constitution of law, where democratic institutions are stronger than violent politicians.

The most important experience in recent decades is that there is no stable democracy without a cohesive society. The institutional framework for political equality alone is not sufficient to eliminate despair and weakness. Democracy will be permanent if the vast majority of those who live in it feel the system you are creating. So restoring democracy must go hand in hand with recognizing the legal, moral and material damage that the vast majority have suffered over the past decade. Reparations for Hungary!

We all need this united Hungary, but now Hungary needs us all! We need conservatives because we need our traditions. Liberals are needed because there is a need for institutions that guarantee equality, freedom and dignity for all people. There is a need for the left because there is a dire need for social solidarity. And we need greens because we can never forget the generations that follow.

We need professional politicians, but we also need anyone else willing to do this in order to get Hungary approved! There are times when it becomes clear to what extent our fate largely depends on our common affairs, and whether we can rely on each other in trouble. We live in a time like this now. Hungary’s citizens cannot now be just private individuals.

There is a need for communities that think and act together for our common cause. In such extraordinary times, societies are extraordinary. To this end, we are launching the 99 Movement. Anyone who believes and is in favor of change, and the reunification of Hungary, can join our community. Our goal and belief is no more, no less: isolating the 1 percent of the privileged few for the benefit of the 99 percent majority. To replace those in power with the power of the people. For Hungary to breathe, calm down and be a common home for all of us.”

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