A new feature is coming in Android mobile phones which saves storage space

Google has started rolling out the AutoArchive function for Android devices, which is a rather useful innovation, as it frees up space on devices without major compromises.

The essence of the new function is to remove unused applications without deleting user data. Its operation is similar to the “Offload Unused Apps” function available on iOS, and it can free up to 60% of the space occupied by apps without having to completely uninstall the app.

Users can give permission to auto-archive when downloading apps or in settings, which will be activated for apps that haven’t been used for a long time when the device’s storage space is low.

Archived apps still appear in the apps list and on the home screen, but with a gray cloud icon. If you want to use an archived app, a simple tap on the icon will re-download the required files and it will work as before. Users will be able to manage application archiving settings in Settings.

It is important to know that this option will not work for all applications, only those that have been uploaded to the Play Store in the so-called App Bundle format.


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