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A new far-right faction may be formed in the European Parliament under the name Sovereignists with the participation of May Hazanek

A new far-right faction may be formed in the European Parliament under the name Sovereignists with the participation of May Hazanek

This may be the third representative group of the extreme right.

A new faction of far-right parties may be formed in the European Parliament under the name of the Sovereignists. He writes Based on several consistent reports, Eurologist. The newspaper learns that in an email, a representative of an unnamed party in the European Parliament asked the Parliament administration to provide a room and a restaurant for 100 people for the inaugural meeting of the new representative group on June 27 at 10:00 am.

The creation of the new representative group was initiated by the AfD, which won 17 seats in this year's elections, and the following right-wing parties can join (the number of seats won in parentheses):

  • SOS Romania (2),
  • Espanyol The party is over (3),
  • Greek NIHK (1),
  • Lengyel Confederation of Freedom and Independence (6),
  • Republic of Slovakia Movement (2)
  • And the Hungarian Mi Hazank movement (1).

Based on the above, the new group will include 32 representatives from seven countries (the condition for establishing the faction is at least 23 representatives from at least 7 member countries). With this, they can get more budget support and more votes than if they were independent representatives, but with the creation of the new faction, the right wing of the European Parliament will be more divided: after the conservatives, the European reformists and the Identity and Democracy party. (ID), will be the third far-right formation.

In May, the AfD was expelled from its ranks by the Identity and Democracy Party after the leader of the European Parliament list of the far-right German party, Maximilian Krah He said in an interview that he believed that not all members of the Nazi SS were criminals. The leading politician of the most powerful party in the ID, the French National Unification Party, Marine Le Pen After the incident, he distanced himself from Krah and declared that the AfD was a prisoner of extremists.

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Before the elections, President Mi Hazanek, László Toroczkai In an interview with our newspaper, he also confirmed that they are working on creating a completely new faction under the leadership of the AfD. In the European Parliament elections held on 9 June, May Hazanek won 6.7% of the votes in party colours. Guest wine Zsuzsanna He received a commission as a historian.

Our country: In the next few days, it will be determined whether we can join the new faction

In response to a question from, Mai Hazanek revealed that the party is already planning to join the faction that Eurologos wrote about, but negotiations are still ongoing.

“Yes, this is the faction that we have been working to create with our European allies for a long time. Intense negotiations are still ongoing in the next few days, and there are many crucial issues that we need to clarify, but it is expected to be decided in the next few days whether “We can join the new faction.” Our newspaper.

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