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A new faction may emerge in the European Parliament, as Palaz Orbán said

A new faction may emerge in the European Parliament, as Palaz Orbán said

The Babis establish a new faction in the European Parliament

He establishes a new faction In the European Parliament (EP) the Action of Dissatisfied Citizens (ANO) Czech opposition movement announced Andrej Babisthat it once again The former Czech president and prime minister speaks to CNN business news channel Prima News on Thursday. In the European elections in June, ANO won seven seats in the European Parliament.

Andrej Babis did not say which parties would join the new faction, only saying that details would be announced next week, and were expected to be announced as early as Monday.

According to the politician, the new faction’s program was sovereigntya safetythat it Illegal immigration Fight and Green deal Realization of its amendment will constitute.

Andrej Babis announced last week that ANO would be leaving the organization. Renew Europe (Renew Europe!) from the European Parliament (EP) group, in addition far (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) from the European group of parties, because according to him, the Nidal Abu Nidal Organization was no longer able to adequately implement its program in these gatherings.

The former Prime Minister repeated on television news: ANO has left the Renew Europe faction and the ALDE party family after failing to implement its program there. That's why he wants to form a new faction.

This is the first time that a Czech political party has formed a new faction

– Andrej Babis pointed out.

It will be interesting to see how many actors we will be able to convince

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– added the politician.

Fidesz also admitted that they are considering forming a new faction

after Georgia Meloni The Italian Prime Minister rejected this Feeds Join your European party family, i.e. European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR)You can hear more and more that Viktor Orban is thinking of creating his own party family. Politico According to the information, in addition to Fidesz, the former Polish ruling party, A Law and Justice (PiS), Andrej Babis The party of the former Czech prime minister, that is once again Former Slovenian Prime Minister, Janez Jansa his party, Slovenian Democratic Party Will join – Written by A 444.

At the European Union summit in Brussels, 444 asked Palaz Orbán, the political advisor to the Prime Minister, about the chances of forming the new formation, and the advisor replied: There is an opportunity to form the group.

According to Balazs Urban, there will soon be an official announcement regarding the new faction.

He added that there is still some time for negotiations, as the final formations must be announced before the European Parliament by the fourth of next July.

Cover image source: European Union

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