A new development could revolutionize the recovery of paralyzed patients

A new development could revolutionize the recovery of paralyzed patients

The Swiss development would revolutionize the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered an injury or stroke, allowing patients to return to their normal lifestyle in a much faster way than before.

Attempts are made to return the affected limb to its original state by simulating previously stationary motions and evoking the motions – new medical aid to initiate can also help. The Swiss team is a tool DevelopWhich can follow basic movements of the hand and implement them at a faster pace in the case of diseased limbs.

The two main components of an accessory called Emovo Grasp are a motorized moving cable. The wires actually act as artificial tendons that can be attached to the fingers very well with the help of a loop. Depending on the mechanism of action of the device, patients can adjust the bending angle of the prosthetic tendons with a manual remote control and exercise with it until the brain picks up the old rhythm after performing the motor movement.

The efficacy of Emovo Grasp is still being tested, with 30 people with traumatic brain injury currently being tested in France, Austria and Italy. Based on the comments so far, there has been a patient After several years of immobility, he was able to move his palm fingers by 2 mm from the first day.

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