A mysterious woman was found in New Zealand

The New Zealand Ministry of Health asked all Auckland residents to stay home on Friday as a mysterious case of coronavirus was identified in the city, he wrote. guardian.

The patient is a young woman who developed the first symptoms on Monday but nevertheless visited her workplace in the city center, where she works as a customer service provider. He was tested earlier this week and the professionals asked him to stay home until the result, but his manager, on the other hand, called him into the office and settled the matter by wearing a mask.

The woman lives alone in a large condominium, but not all other residents can leave their homes until they are sampled.

It also turned out that the patient went to work with Uber and repeatedly went to stores and took home food from restaurants when he was already experiencing symptoms.

The patient was isolated in a quarantine hotel until the result of the examination came out negative.

The authorities are monitoring developments and, if necessary, can raise the degree of epidemiological preparedness as early as Friday.

New Zealand has so far been at the forefront of the world in controlling the epidemic, with only cases reported recently brought in from abroad, but these people have already been tested at the border and placed in quarantine. In any case, the borders are closed to foreigners, so it is incomprehensible from where the woman contracted the disease.

Featured image: SANKA VIDANAGAMA / NurPhoto / NurPhoto via AFP

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