A mysterious monster attacked an American warship

The scientific journal IFL Science reports that a huge sea monster of unknown origin may have attacked a US Navy ship Article – Commodity.

In 1978, one of the US Navy’s frigates, USS Stein, suddenly found itself in an emergency situation, because its radar system responsible for identifying submarines unexpectedly failed. He had to return to base immediately so that the engineers could solve the problem.

Specialists were examining the 27-tonne sonar dome mounted to the front of the hull when they made a startling discovery: Novol’s rubber coating was torn off by something, and the damage affected 8 percent of the surface.

Shot from USS Stein in 1987Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some of the spurs were 1.2 meters long,

So the part of the ship was damaged by something of amazing strength, in addition, huge tooth-like objects were found in the depressions.

NOFOUL has also been examined by marine biologist FG Wood. The specialist confirmed:

The injuries were already caused by the teeth and claws.

Given the structure of the teeth, he concluded that it might have been a colossal squid, but he did not rule out the possibility that a completely unknown creature had damaged the frigate. Dental analysis showed that the squid should be 45 meters long, about half the size of the Statue of Liberty.

Depending on the signs, the creature may be larger in size and mass, and have larger hooks than the largest known cephalopod, the giant squid. In similar species, hook-like formations on tentacles are used to grab and tear or grab prey.

dead giant squidSource: Biosphoto via AFP / Sergio Hanquet / Biosphoto / Sergio Hanquet

Some squids have been documented in the past clinging to ships or other marine vehicles near the end of their lives. It cannot be excluded that the creature saw the aircraft carrier Stein as prey, since injuries similar to those found on the hull of the ship were already detected on the carcasses of amberjack.

The mystery has not been solved to this day. If Stein’s monster was a giant squid, then it must have been the strongest individual of its kind that a human had ever encountered.

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