A movement against left-wing ideological oppression is being organized in the United States

While a real cultural revolution in the name of anti-racism is being carried out in Anglo-Saxon workplaces and universities by honest and anti-racist movements, opponents of the ideological invasion of the Tatars are increasingly reaching out to confront the complete and uncertain transformation of society – Writes Danube Institute.

However, there is an important, perhaps not so obvious key to the relative success of the activists fighting for social justice and the complete eradication of racism: their peace tactics, through which they individually frighten those with whom they disagree, and thus gradually break down the resistance. .

“Culture Abolition” attempts to silence any dissenting opinion.Source: © Simon Hayes

This is why traditional legal/political paths are rarely followed, as they have to overcome concrete and organized resistance here. At the same time, the real social support needed for this is no longer behind them, they can only make up enough relative strength in the relatively closed world of corporate and university spaces.

However, this is exactly where Helen Pluckrose wants to confront them with the help of her new organisation, Counterweight – Writes and the Atlantic Ocean. The lady in question had previously joked about contemporary and politically loaded American social magazines, When he wrote worthless direct studies written in the “enlightened” language (which could be called enlightened Hungarian), which were hastily published due to their “appropriate” choice of subject and wording. His new organization seeks to provide good advice and connect with people who have fallen victim to a “cancellation culture” or simply feel at odds with the cultural revolution that has plagued American universities and the corporate world.

This basic support is essentially advice on tactics to follow: it makes the simple worker vulnerable to not knowing the tools and mechanisms of cultural struggle. The new organization will prepare those who seek help with appropriate mindsets and will also provide them with psychological support to protect them from one of the most important tools of group pressure and psychological harassment.

Left-wing activists, of course, accuse the group of racism, as is expected of them.

For example, when the Atlantic journalist refused to see Blockrose in some internal forums on the Internet, he immediately accused the leader of the organization of hiding racist communications. However, Balance does not reject all kinds of anti-racism campaigns and dissemination of knowledge, it supports specific “awareness” courses and lecturers. Moreover, a significant part of the enterprise’s clients have color skin.

Of course, they may also provide support for people who have felt very angry at work, the article highlights. However, it is an interesting observation of Anglo-Saxon political life that the author did not even suggest that a presumption of innocence might exist. So unfit people may fall under the guards of the counterweight, but until their faults are proven by an independent and fair trial, they may not be reprehensible to the point of receiving support and advice in a Western democracy.

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