A mod can be used to fly around the Night City

A mod can be used to fly around the Night City

Since Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in an alternate future in which flying cars were already discovered, before the game’s release, many had hoped users would drive it. This didn’t come true in the end, perhaps because it would have been a big enough business to work with. But there was an amendment that could compensate us a little.

A mod called Freefly It can be downloaded here For the PC version of the game, although I used it first Disk Drive Saber Installation is also required. Using the mod created by NexusGuy999 is very simple, you only need to ugranunk In the air using the space bar, then with the help of the WASD keys, we can now move through the V freely across the sky. The character moves a little bit and she’s shivering in the empty space, but if we want to take some cool photos, it’s perfect for that. From the sky, you can really see how insanely beautiful the Night City is, although it is moderate at the same time Illusion destroyer It could also be – by activating it, you can fly through buildings, but most of them didn’t design their interiors. And be careful not to turn off the mode while in flight, otherwise the V will collide with the ground.

Since Cyberpunk 2077 gamers are now waiting for CD Project Red to release fixes to the RPG that have been released in pretty rambling condition (the first major patch will arrive sometime this month), all sorts of mods have become commonplace in recent weeks. Lately, we’ve also rounded up five items that make playing more comfortable. Meanwhile, Night City has already been grouped together in Minecraft, and a data miner has found information about the game’s multiplayer modes.

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