A minor glitch caused De Vries to lose the time trial


Saturday 10 September 2022, 6:35 pm


Nick de Vries, who stepped in to replace Alex Albon at the last minute, put in a superb performance in qualifying exercises for the Italian Grand Prix, but as it turned out, not everything went smoothly for the rookie…

Just an hour before the third free practice session, it was revealed that Albon would have to miss the rest of the Italian Grand Prix due to appendicitis, and that de Vries, who had been driving an Aston Martin the day before, would take his place. Get ready to qualify and race tomorrow. However, the former F2 and Formula-E champion gave Grove residents a pleasant surprise, as he beat his teammate Nicholas Latifi and went all the way to Q2, where he finally managed to finish 13th, but due to the penalty shootout, he is quite sure he will be able He is set to start his first F1 race from the top 10, but for now we have to wait for the official start order.

“It all happened very quickly because I figured I only had to jump in an hour and a half before FP3, but the team was very supportive and very cooperative. I hope Alex is better and I hope he recovers quickly. For me, I am not completely satisfied with my performance. I managed. From putting some good laps together, especially the second lap in the first quarter was really good, but I still feel I can improve it,” de Vries told F1TV after qualifying.

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“We made some changes to the car in the second quarter but it didn’t really work and the tire warm-up wasn’t smooth due to the traffic. Then on lap two I accidentally hit a switch that put too much brake force on the rear axle, so I lost the rear of the car in turn 4 It obviously made me very sad, but I am satisfied nonetheless.”

The Dutch driver also revealed how well he could drive at the limit after his unexpected jump: “In some corners my performance was above 100%, which was clearly reflected in some minor mistakes, but there were also corners where I could definitely do better. It was That’s the biggest challenge to qualify, as you have to be close to the limit in every part of the track. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that today, but 13th is not a bad result anyway.”

Because of the penalties, De Vries will definitely be in the top ten waiting for the red lights to go out tomorrow, which he is trying to prepare for during the night: “It looks great to be able to start from such a good position, but I will have more work to prepare properly for the start of tomorrow.” ‘ concluded the Dutchman.

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