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A massive Covid investigation has begun: Dangerous things may be revealed about the effects of the coronavirus

A massive Covid investigation has begun: Dangerous things may be revealed about the effects of the coronavirus

During the examination, special attention is paid to listening to children with special educational needs, disabilities, children from different ethnic and other backgrounds. Public hearings are expected to begin in 2025.

When the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Act is published in March 2022 Covid test The draft was criticized because it did not mention its impact on children and young people. However, after public consultation, these aspects were also included in the document.

The investigation began in 2022 and public hearings began in 2023. Former Court of Appeal Judge Heather Hallett is presiding over the proceedings. So far, seven modules have been discussed publicly, including the UK's pandemic preparedness and issues of policy making and governance.

Hallett said Unit 8 will focus specifically on the extent to which children were taken into account in the decisions made at that time.

The pandemic has affected children and young people in many ways: they have lost loved ones, educational opportunities, years of social development and relationships with family and friends.

– Hallett said.

Topics in the Children and Young People's Unit include:

  • To what extent were they taken into account during pandemic planning?
  • To what extent have the effects of mask use and social distancing been taken into account?
  • The impact of the pandemic on their education (including further and higher education).
  • Its impact on their physical and mental health and their access to health services.
  • Impact on their access to social welfare services.
  • Influencing their access to the Internet, social media and online resources.
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For UK residents who would like to comment on this unit, They can apply until June 17, 2024 On the Covid investigation website.

Also, one Research project The views of children and young people on how they have been affected by the Covid pandemic are also being collected. This will ensure that they get widespread social feedback. the Every story matters Within the framework of the project, stories of parents, caregivers, teachers and other people who played an important role in the lives of children during that period are collected.

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