A Man's Hand: Bad Days Don't Fit - Mirko Elovitch

A Man’s Hand: Bad Days Don’t Fit – Mirko Elovitch

According to Mirko Alilovic, far-reaching conclusions should not be drawn from the fact that Pick Szeged leads the Champions League group unbeaten after three rounds – the team should be in the best shape possible in the spring.

Mirko Alilovic (Photo: Janos Turok / Southern Hungary)

There are two unbeaten teams in the Champions League after three rounds: Beyeksegd and Vardar of North Macedonia. The good start for the much-weakened BL winner Skopje is a bit surprising, perhaps Tisza’s party less, though it was a hint that they’d start to sweat properly at the home of Montpellier, who last won the series in 2018 – and so on Cannes: Juan Carlos Pastor’s team saved a point in the last four minutes with three unfavorable action! The draw at Szeged in France was greatly appreciated by the fact that the German Kiel who had always had a chance for the ultimate success, hit the knife right (37-30)…


On the other hand, Csongráds hasn’t made any mistakes since then: First, Zagreb, Croatia, was beaten nine times at home, and Miskov Brest, Belarus, was beaten three times, so the national team took the lead in Group A. Brest’s tour was special anyway, as they were not only caught last October but also (returned) after the Belarusians were infected with the coronavirus epidemic before the match.

“For me, it was a normal Champions League match in Brest, I didn’t feel that we had to take revenge on anything. Croatian goalkeeper Bek Seged, 36-year-old Mirko Alilovic, told National Sport. – There is no rivalry between us, I’m not mad at them, not the ones who wanted us in the fall of 2020 to play that meeting anyway, but the European Alliance. UEFA made an incomprehensible decision at the time simply because later, when our coach alone tested positive for coronavirus, he did not allow us to stand up to Flensburg. The most difficult season of my career was the previous one which was plagued by insecurity and constant confinement, and it was also a challenge as a parent that my kids were only home when I had Covid.”

However, there is no complaint about the current state, because in addition to BL, the goalkeeper is also the flagship of NB I. Although Alilovic said that there is still room for refinement in attack, they were especially good in defense, that is The reason was that he was able to defend Zagreb’s shots earlier by 60%! The Croatian, who has been playing in Hungary for a decade and has been in Vesprem for seven years, is satisfied with the experience, but also admits that they are at the beginning of the road at the moment and therefore not far off. Conclusions must be drawn from the results so far.

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3000 chairs are already equipped in New ARENA

The multifunctional gymnasium in Szeged, which will be one of the sites for the men’s European Championships in January, will be completed with a useful floor area of ​​29,000 square metres, and will be the new home for Pick Szeged. The wooden and sports floors of the large gymnasium have been completed, and 3,000 chairs have already been placed on the reinforced concrete stands. Tisza parties hope to play their December 9 Champions League match against Kiel, Germany, at the new 8,300-seat facility.

“We are going through a kind of development and renewal, which is why we had to say goodbye to the key players this summer.– World and European Championship silver medalist Mirko Alilovic, continued his contract with the Hungarian title holders until July 2023. – It was hard to say goodbye, especially to a man like club legend Jonas Kallmann. But this is the order of life, sooner or later my turn will come, and they will be replaced by a younger goalkeeper, which is true. As for the new players, it seems that they want to learn from the first moment, some of them have all the qualities to be world-class handball players under the hands of the pastor.”

Alilovitch, who is 200 cm tall, added that his relationship with 37-year-old postman Mikler Roland, with whom they understand and support each other not only on the field but also abroad, remains perfect. He said this season is by no means mediocre in terms of the fact that Szeged plans to move into its new home, the multifunctional 8,300-seat arena, which will cater to all needs, in November, which will be one of the venues for January’s European Championships in part domestic.

“It would be great, the Sejd residents have been waiting for such a facility for a long time, and I think opponents will suffer more here after that. There is no way to start without goals, so we were, though aware that the bad days do not fit in, because it is in the relegation phase From the Champions League or, for example, in the final of the Hungarian championship, a weaker enough period and our whole season is there.. Anyway, let’s not rush forward, let’s have one of the first two places in the BL group and the quarter-final that comes with it, then we will dream about it We need to get in the best shape possible in April and May, and then if all goes well, in late spring and early summer, we can just give our fans something to celebrate together.”

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