A man pushed a seven-year-old girl aside at the Queen's funeral, then threw himself over Her Majesty's coffin

A man pushed a seven-year-old girl aside at the Queen’s funeral, then threw himself over Her Majesty’s coffin

Of course, he was immediately arrested by the police responsible for the security of the public celebration.

A man has been arrested after allegedly pushing a seven-year-old boy out of the way and throwing himself over the Queen’s coffin as dozens of mourners tried to pay their respects at the Palace of Westminster. The man, whose identity has not been revealed, entered the secondly. Elizabeth To the hall that contains his coffin but the Guardian Report According to him, he was quickly caught and then arrested while on the job – so the atrocities did not cause any major disruption.

The little girl’s aunt pushed aside, Tracy Holland He told Sky News the man was neutralized in about two seconds, but his seven-year-old niece who had waited patiently for 15 hours with her pink toy, Darcy He did not handle events well.

“It was horrible, so horrible, so disrespectful and incredible – and this poor seven-year-old, he will be his lasting memory of the Queen,” he said.

According to a statement from Scotland Yard, the man was arrested and then arrested for an offense under the Public Order Act.

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