A major Trump supporter funded the rally before the Capitol siege

A major Trump supporter funded the rally before the Capitol siege

The heir to Publix Super Markets backed her with $ 300,000 (88.5 million Ft). Donald Trump The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that a mob of supporters of the former US president preceded the blockade of the Capitol.

Julie Jenkins Fanseli His donation to the lion’s share of the $ 500,000 (147.5 million Ft) raised for the event at Ellipse Park. MTI wrote that Fanseli also generously supported Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign.

On the January 6 march – peaceful and legitimate – Trump encouraged his followers to fight. Many of them later besieged the United States legislature, the Capitol. And five people were killed in the siege, including a police officer. The House of Representatives began prosecution proceedings against Trump over what happened.

More than 135 people have been arrested in connection with the attack.

Far-right presenter, Alex Jones He offered startup capital in excess of $ 50,000 (14.75 million HUF) to organize the general meeting. In return, he asked to talk about what he wanted in the event. Jones, who loved conspiracy theories, also invited the leaders of the extremist groups Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, who have starred in The Blockade, to his popular radio and internet programs.

Publix Super Markets described the Capitol blockade on Twitter as a national tragedy and indicated that what happened did not represent the store chain’s values, work, and opinions.

Publix distanced itself from Fancelli and emphasized that the heir “is not an employee, does not participate in commercial operations and does not represent the company in any way”.

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