“A lot of people are frustrated with you now!!”

“A lot of people are frustrated with you now!!”

Majka and his band were supposed to perform tonight at Fehérgyarmat, but the rapper told his followers via a Facebook video that unfortunately, for reasons beyond their control, tonight’s concert will be cancelled.

And in a short video, Majka told her followers that although they left for Fährgermatt in vain, they unfortunately received a phone call stating that the venue did not meet the technical conditions included in the contract, so today Evening party. The rapper apologized to the White Colonists and said he was very confident they could make up the party at some point.

Among the commentators were those who understood Majka’s announcement, but most of them expressed their displeasure and harshly criticized the rapper and his band.

“The problem is that a lot of tickets have been sold because of you! I’m disappointed too!”

“Contract and technical terms, viewers are ‘[email protected]’! Maybe a lot of people would have liked it anyway!”

“I’m so upset, that’s the only reason we came with my family! We paid for the ticket!!! No one will compensate you…. You know that too!!! We are disappointed”

“Lots of poor people bought tickets to see you! This was disgusting! You’ve become so handsome…… I’m sorry.”

“You have a big face!! Already in a poor village, if you don’t have good technique, you won’t go!!!

Shareholder writing. Majka did not leave her sentences silent, responding to more than 200 comments like this:

Facebook is useful for this… Everyone can tell you what to do.. Of course without any idea what happened ❤️❤️

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