Brussels was scared after unveiling a plan to represent national interests

A late attack occurred on a school in Sweden

A teenager with a knife injured a teacher and student at a grammar school in Kristianstad, southern Sweden, on Monday, local police said Monday night.

The suspect, born in 2005, was arrested. According to the information, the 16-year-old victim was seriously injured, while the 55-year-old sustained minor injuries.
Police chief Anders Olofsson of Kristianstad said the delay was intercepted seven minutes after the first emergency call. The suspect is now accused of a two-way assassination attempt.

The background to the act remains obscure. An eyewitness told the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter that he entered the classroom with a speaker wearing a black face mask and then attacked the teacher.

According to Swedish channel TV4, the current case is linked to a similar attack in August last year in the town of Islov, about fifty kilometers southwest of Kristianstadt.

Until then, a 45-year-old school employee was attacked by a student. TV4 knows that the perpetrators in Eslov and Kristianstad “knew each other, were connected to each other on the Internet and had a common interest in the school bombings.”

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