A Kansas man died of COVID-19 “too lonely”. Obituary criticizes anti-masks | Corona Virus

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly has issued two statewide mask orders since the start of the pandemic, but individual counties have the option to withdraw.

According to the obituary, Var was fascinated by the science of life and continued this knowledge as a veterinarian. However, the obituary said, the science to which he dedicated his career has now been underestimated by the same people who relied on his expertise.

The obituary states that Farr was a religious and “a man of society”.

“He was caring for those who badly offended him, a sentiment echoed by health care workers who are struggling to do their jobs while their societies turn against them or make their jobs more difficult,” the obituary said.

In a Facebook post sharing the obituary, Courtney Farr said the obituary was written the way it was because he had spent the past several months listening to people in his hometown claiming that the coronavirus is not real or not that bad and that masks don’t work.

“Because of the prevalence of these situations, my father’s death was much more difficult for him, his family and caregivers than it should have been,” wrote Courtney Farr.

In a separate post, Courtney Farr writes that he often argued about politics with his father, so the political nature of the mourning was appropriate.

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