A Hungarian girl made an illegal recording of North Korea, and risked her life to shoot the video

Getting into the country is difficult, but not impossible. Applying for a tourist visa is a relatively simple process, being issued within 6-8 weeks after acceptance. One very important thing must be fulfilled: at the same time as applying for the visa, the starting and ending points of our journey must be marked, for which the Ministry will immediately assign us two companions upon our arrival, who will not leave us alone for even a minute. Within this, we can choose between group and individual trips, which are assisted by the three travel agencies in North Korea. Although North Korea plans to boost tourism, there are no plans to change this rule.

5 facts you probably didn't know about North Korea

5 facts you probably didn’t know about North Korea

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The country is gradually opening up to travelers, and there are already many more places to visit than there were, say, 10-12 years ago. Most group excursions start in the capital, Pyongyang, where the curious traveler can see many attractions: the ruins of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Un His birthplace, revolutionary martyrs cemetery, Dzuchse tower and military gallery can be viewed, and entertainment is available at the local brewery and bowling alley.

Bohyun Temple, Lake Sejong, Ulim Waterfall, Lake Samil, the International Friendship Fair (where you can see gifts sent to the country’s leaders dating back several decades) and Kumgang can also be visited outside the city.

It is known that the state fully regulates media recordings that come out of it, so it is not allowed to take pictures except in designated places, and only with a permit, and video recording is not prohibited. We can’t leave our designated companions. The trip organizers warn us to register with our own embassy immediately after the trip, because unfortunately a safe trip can easily turn into a nightmare because of one misunderstanding, and if we get caught up in the justice system there, there is certainly no guarantee of release.

And here you can watch the video of the brave Hungarian girl who defied the rules and captured her flight:

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