A Hungarian family is to be deported from New Zealand, and a petition has been filed

Ivett Kerekes moved with her husband and their three sons from Kecskemét to New Zealand in 2017 on a businessman visa. The family runs a catering and event management company called Anzil, and they’ve managed to incorporate in the years since. The Kerekes’ situation took a turn on November 28: to their greatest surprise, the New Zealand Immigration Office refused their application for residence. – mentioned in the story Things Based on telex.

The Immigration Office justified its decision by saying that the Hungarian family did not fulfill all the work requirements for the entrepreneur’s residence visa. In the days since then, the Hungarian family is doing everything they can to stay in the country.

The family filed the settlement application a long time ago, and Kricks described the whole process as endlessly frustrating, because they felt they had to constantly start the process from the beginning.

Kerekes said that although things didn’t turn out quite as they originally thought, their business was successful, they paid taxes and contributed to their community. Moreover, they donated food at charity events several times and tried to cope.

Despite this, when faced with the fact that their application was rejected,

In their desperation they began petitionwhich was signed by more than 46,000 people within a few days.

Although they thought they were loved in the community, they didn’t expect such a quick response and so much support either.

The family can still appeal to the local immigration office within 42 days of receiving the refusal. As Kereks told the newspaper:

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Let’s do what we set out to do. Let’s work here. Let us be a part of people’s lives through our actions.

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