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A Hungarian company won its first Winter Olympic gold medal

A Hungarian company won its first Winter Olympic gold medal

The privileged-based smart parking system will be delivered to the 2022 Winter Olympics City by EPS Global Zrt.Zhangjiakou is one of the main venues for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Four and a half million cities bordering Beijing – competitions for skiing and snowboarding will be held here! – The construction of its parking system is funded by EPS Global from its own resources and then operated on the basis of a 30-year concession contract. The aim of the parking project is to integrate 25,000 public (street) parking spaces in the city center and to accommodate all non-public parking spaces in the city center, such as underground garages in a smart system.

EPS Global already has extensive experience operating parking systems in Chinese cities, similar parking systems have been in operation in two other municipalities in recent years, four million in Chifeng and half a million in Yangtze.

What does it mean to be smart?

The system, called Cityzen, provides full transparency to the municipality, which sees the parking data online and stores all the data, and through the big data analysis and visualization module, the municipality receives reports fully automatically from the data important to it. It is also important for the smooth operation, planning and development of urban transportation that this information be made available to Zhangjiakou’s urban management and planning. In addition to the EPS Global program system, another investment of the EXIM Export Promotion Private Equity Fund will play a significant role in the project: Occupancy data and other parking usage data will be provided by Asura Technologies Kft’s live camera image processing video analysis solution.

The intelligent parking system also contributes to the smooth operation of urban transportation

In the Hungarian-Chinese alliance

Under the newly signed contract, the project was won by EPS and its consortium partners, ZTE ITS Company Limited (ZTE ITS) and two subsidiaries of China Communications Construction Company (CCCC).

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