A huge creature that left a footprint of record size

The imprint was discovered in the United Kingdom.

At nearly a meter long, the Jurassic footprint is the largest ever seen in Yorkshire.

Thousands of dinosaur footprints and many more fossils have been found along the Yorkshire coast over the years. However, this discovery was made in April 2021 by local archaeologist Mary Woods while walking along the coast.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw, I had to look twice. I saw some small prints when I was hiking with friends, but nothing like this. I can no longer say that archaeologists don’t deal with dinosaurs.”

(photo: shutterstock)

Woods co-authored the paper describing the footprint, which was published Tuesday in the journal Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society.

Woods contacted paleontologist Dean Lomax, honorary visiting researcher at the University of Manchester, to get his opinion on what he had found in Berniston Bay, five kilometers north of Scarborough. Just a day ago, Lomax shared a photo of a dinosaur footprint found in the same area in 2006.

The three-toed print is one of only six feet found in the area, first discovered in 1934.

“The discovery provides further evidence that giant carnivores once roamed this region during the Jurassic period.” said the study’s lead author, local geologist John Hudson. “The type and age of the footprint together indicate that it was a megaloosaurus-like dinosaur with a height of between 2.5 and 3 metres.”

It’s funny to think that this dinosaur could have strolled along a muddy coastal plain on a lazy Sunday afternoon during the Jurassic period some 160-175 million years ago.

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