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A huge and mysterious explosion appeared in outer space

A huge and mysterious explosion appeared in outer space

Experts don’t know what could be causing this.

It turns out that the Hubble Space Telescope spotted a rare and strange explosion in outer space From the European Space Agency (ESA) announcement.. This phenomenon is called a “high luminosity fast blue optical transient” (LFBOT), which is similar to supernovas and gamma-ray bursts.

LFBOTs are some of the brightest known events in the universe, appearing unexpectedly, shining with intense blue light and fading very quickly, within a few days. Its existence was discovered in 2018, and since then astronomers have identified an average of one per year. The newly spotted LFBOT has been given the reference AT2023fhn and the nickname Finch.

NASA, ESA, STScI, A. Krems (Radboud University)

Experts previously believed that such explosions could only occur in galaxies, but Finch appeared thousands of light-years away from its nearest galaxy.

This disproved the assumption that LBOTs are massive supernovae that occur only in star-forming regions of galaxies.

Researchers now believe that Flinch may have been caused by a medium-sized black hole tearing apart a star. There may be a chance, as Flinch has been observed in a spherical cluster dotted with medium-sized black holes. It is also possible that the giant explosion was caused by a neutron star colliding with a magnetar.

Dr. Ashley Kremes The astronomer says that Flinch raises more questions than it answers, so a lot of additional investigations will be needed to determine what is behind the LBOTs.

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