A horrific vision holding a crooked mirror in front of the Russians for a camera crew

A horrific vision holding a crooked mirror in front of the Russians for a camera crew

Strange videos that evoke legendary Soviet jokes from the 21st century. They present Russia at the end of the century.

Behind the Iron Curtain, the Soviet Union for many decades spread like wildfire (“If socialism won the whole world, where would the Soviet Union buy wheat?”), I led it (“Who is your role model? Why exactly?” Lenin? “), or the technological progress of the country (” – how do you recognize a Soviet chip?

This has not completely changed since the collapse of the continental nation or the Iron Curtain, and we’ve seen countless excellent examples of this in recent years: In 2018, a 23-year-old Siberian woman, Maria Motuznaga For example, he appeared in the country’s official list of extremists and terrorists – only because three years ago, among other things, he posted satirical memes focused on the Russian Orthodox Church, among other things, on his VKontakten profile, often referred to as VK.

Quick for the Lord to see – Stand on one of the pictures Mary shared.

The woman was questioned by the local police in May 2018, for allegedly having offensive content, and the case was soon taken to court – as did two of her companions who live in the same city:

She was nineteen at the time Daniel Markin One, Jesus a Game of thrones one of the central characters, Jon Snow Share a picture of his 38-year-old face Andre Sacerin and With Patriarch Kirill joking

– Writes BBC.

Marija, who was threatened with six years in prison, was finally charged in 2019. However, the fate of two of his companions is unknown, but it is possible that they also escaped harsh punishment.

And since then the same path has been followed by many of their peers, the Russian state begins hundreds of actions every year, so we can safely say that the country is not at all a safe area today if one wants to joke with the state, institutions or religion. Another question, of course, is whether the memes or sentences described are actually funny or just harmful,

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However, it will fall under freedom of expression until

Even making illegal statements or just inciting against any group.

Of course, a lot of people don’t get upset if they sometimes get lost in dangerous areas, so they produce their own content non-stop – that’s what you think appeared on YouTube in November 2020. A page called birchpunk behind, Sergey Vasiliev Lead team Her materials present an imagined future, blending Russian nudity and stereotypes,

With a good dose of digital post-production, of course.

Of course Vasiliev did not come out of nowhere to stir up the stagnant waters of Russian YouTube in the blink of an eye, becoming a filmmaker on the benches of Friedheims Folk High School in Sweden, but since the 2012 scene. After a few short films and web series, he has made Bio Bio Bio (2019), which focuses on a virus attacking adolescents in Malmö. The viewer follows the path of four young men with strange symptoms – dizziness, nausea and an indomitable desire to become famous – trying to understand what happened to them, but also honestly, sometimes corrosively, about the values ​​​​of today and today. Dreams speak with humor.

curved mirror

birchbank He did not want to continue this streak: it debuted ten months ago, but now it attracts an audience of Hungarians. Russian Cyberpunk Farm It represents an economy far from the big cities, forever settling on the preconception that the countryside is backward and there are no rockets and robots, but not even roads.

From the hero of the film, who makes dairy products and grows various vegetables (including the wonderful fractal cucumber) from Nikolai We learn that robots designed for various jobs at the Izhevsk Dynamics plant are given to farmers by the state – helping small businesses – and even there is no need for methods at all:

To develop a farm that also includes excellent accommodation, we can meet Nikolai, who is looking for people from all over the world, not only in the recruitment video, but also for a New Year’s Eve check-in, where the man who has moved to Mars meanwhile is not just A display of his own Christmas tree, he even responds to the most important interests of his viewers and proves that there was not a single frame in it to be more digitally appealing.

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After the first two episodes in 2098, episode 21 also appears. We can also get acquainted with the spacecraft that was in operation at the end of the 19th century. In a spacious, clean and naturally tidy train that provides the comfort level of decades-old MÁVs, we can follow the path of an English-speaking ticket inspector, who does one of the homework for an English course: making an English video of his work.

Of course, the video series doesn’t even end with a movie about space-powered toilets, stasis and cooler capsules replacing partially sleeper cars (because longer trips can take years), and a video showing a decent mechanic and even a soldier in love. We also took a look at the robotics factory in Izhevsk. Under the fictional news program ‘Russia Tomorrow’, of course, it turns out that any Russian citizen can place an order for a robot, as the new head of the company aims to have an Android in every home.

According to the report, instead of couriers sitting on scooters or slow-moving cars, the reporter visited the factory of new models, which only had to be developed when someone looked at them. And it became clear that machines can learn anything. .

In addition to the waning West CEO, who questions the results but always tries to steal them with poor quality, sometimes succeeds in the news, people protesting against 20G mobile towers, and some residents who have spoken out:

This is absolutely illogical, because half of Ussurisk is out of work, because all the simple work has been taken over by machines.

After the presentation on the correct operation of weather-manipulating satellites, which replace today’s weather reports, and the rain that was hailed as a punishment until the account debts are paid, we can also conclude the presentation of the bot to the Izhevsk plant, which will be difficult to forget for a long time:

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In mid-June, the team, meanwhile, won a national award for Amnesty International-Russia (which They also created their own website) also for a Martian farm, where we learned that a committee will soon arrive to decide the fate of the prize, which will also consider greenhouses that also provide a fractal option.

However, instead of humans, a robot arrives, which first scans the entire economy and then weaves through non-Euclidean Also buildings that provide vegetables, where they try, among other things, to make the crop grow with music, including Möbiusbeet or SchrödingerInvisible carrots.

Of course, small and large accidents are also not excluded here: frozen liquid falling on a farmer’s finger, for example, instantly shakes any well-to-do person in the cold.

a birchbank In his latest video, set for August 5, he worked on a slightly simpler topic than space train travel and the mysterious world of farming to many, adding an unobtrusive ad to a page that has been honed to find cheap flights – Russian Electronic Police shows his average day, with A jewel thief unlocks a wheel and a non-high-performance robot dog.

The chase among puddles and dilapidated buildings that could swallow people would eventually succeed, but this did not require the sincerity of the four-legged but rather the thief:

birchbank YouTube page over itThere’s a behind-the-scenes video, and all indications are that new shorts will follow each other every few weeks – hopefully that’s long into the future.

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