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A hitherto unknown deadly type of animal has been found in a lake

A hitherto unknown deadly type of animal has been found in a lake

Researchers have found a smaller but more terrifying beast in a mud pit in Hong Kong – the strange creature belongs to a previously unknown species of the world’s deadliest animal.

It’s an incredible find

Hong Kong scientists were examining the lakes of the Majpho Nature Reserve in the northwestern part of the city-state, in Junlong District, when they came upon one of the smaller mud lakes. Creatures barely three centimeters long, with a transparent body and three tentacles They hunted. The strangest creature’s most unusual feature is that it has 24 eyes, arranged in a 6 by 6 pattern on its “head”.

The strange monsters, as scientists soon discover, are the jellyfish in them the Kobozok, that is, they belong to the class of jellyfish, any They are known as the deadliest animals in the world, highly intelligent and dangerous predators. With the deadly poison emanating from the nettle cells on their tentacles, they also succeed in killing the small sea creatures that act as their prey, and they also successfully defend themselves against the predators that hunt them; mostly They are consciously looking for victims, Thanks to their body structure, they move incredibly fast, and their 24 eyes give them excellent depth vision.

It belongs to a type that has never been seen before

Research team from Hong Kong Baptist University It is subject to a thorough investigation Exotic animals and compared them to individuals of the 51 species of jellyfish known so far: the results clearly showed that the creature that could be considered an unprecedented “guest”, namely the baby jellyfish. They belong to a completely new species. Perhaps more important is the fact that this is the first type of jellyfish with 24 eyes found in Hong Kong. Tests also showed that jellyfish were found in the lake It is closely related With jellyfish species found on the island of Jamaica, Florida, Singapore, India and Australia.

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Researchers of new species of jellyfish A stunning find site, respecting the aforementioned Majpho Nature Reserve the Tripidalia maypoensis give a name. Although it is officially considered the deadliest animal in the world, in fact, jellyfish are just that Some of its species are capable of causing a fatal bite to humans.

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