A high-ranking Hungarian criminal has been arrested in the UK

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2022-05-15 17:07:00

A day later, a convicted fugitive in Hungary was arrested in Serbia.

A fugitive has been arrested on the list of the 50 best Hungarian police departments in England – read authority website. An international arrest warrant was in effect against Stephen S. Gabor, where the court sentenced him to 9 years and 10 months in prison for theft and other crimes committed in 2004, the download of which has not yet begun.

The 31-year-old fugitive had committed violent crimes before, even as a teenager when he first participated in a mass robbery. The authorities gave priority to his turnover, which was also confirmed by the fact that he was included in the top 50 in the list of the Hungarian circuits, the portal reports. An international arrest warrant was issued against him for the man’s escape abroad. According to information from Budapest Police Headquarters, staff of the Life Protection and Targeting Division of the National Emergency Police Investigation Office (KR NNI ÉCFO) have also joined the search from 2021 onwards. Through ENFAST, the European Network of Targeting Units, they have coordinated with their foreign counterparts. His hiding place was determined as a result of international cooperation, hiding in the East Midlands region of England on the banks of the Derwent River, where he was arrested by Derby Police on May 11, 2022. The man resisted police action but failed to stick to his later extradition decision.

A day later, on May 12, another convict was arrested abroad and arrested by Serbian police. Last year, the court sentenced the 53-year-old, who holds dual Croatian-Hungarian citizenship, to 6 years in prison for conspiracy and commercial fraud, but he did not start his sentence, so he was sentenced. International circuit last September. Zlatek was arrested in Belgrade thanks to a successful international cooperation, as the man was traded in his native Croatia, and he was extradited for fraud. The Hungarian police wrote that he has been in hiding from the Croatian police since 2018, and Serbia will also decide to extradite him later.

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