A half-ton meteor explosion shook a large American city

A half-ton meteor explosion shook a large American city

There was a massive meteor on New Year’s Day over Pittsburgh, and even homes shivered from the explosion.

A powerful explosion rocked Pennsylvania on the first day of the new year. A US Weather Service expert said satellite footage recorded a flash over Washington County shortly before 11:30 a.m. Saturday. These data indicate that the meteorite then entered the Earth’s atmosphere – Report to the Guardian.

People in the Southern Hills and nearby areas reported being very concerned about loud noises and their house even shook in the explosion. Experts said that if the weather had not been cloudy on that day, the explosion of the fireball would have been visible to the naked eye, as it is estimated that its light is approximately one hundred times the light of the full moon.

The near-infrared station detected an explosion wave as the meteor disintegrated, allowing calculations to be made

a Posted on NASA’s Meteor Watch Facebook page According to the record, the object approached our planet at a speed of 72,420 km / h, which may have a diameter of almost a meter and a weight of almost half a ton. Scientists compared the energy of a meteorite to the explosion of 30 tons of TNT.

Experts noted a similar incident on September 17 in Hardy County, West Virginia.

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