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A guest left more than 3 million Hungarian forints as a tip at a small-town café near Chicago, for a strange reason

A guest left more than 3 million Hungarian forints as a tip at a small-town café near Chicago, for a strange reason

February 17, 2024 – 11:16 am

Benton Harbor is a small town in the United States with a population of nine thousand people, located on the shores of Lake Michigan, not far from Chicago. Not far from the city centre, next to the train tracks, there is a café called Mason Jar Café.

At Mason Jar Café, according to waiters, guests usually tip 15 to 25 percent. However, sometimes a larger amount is entered, usually one hundred dollars, which today is equivalent to about 36,000 Hungarian forints.

Last Monday, a guest named Mark left an unusual amount of tips after consuming his drink. The amount in Mark's account was $32 and 43 cents (about 11,500 Hungarian forints), which he supplemented with a $10,000 tip. This amount was converted to approximately 3.6 million Hungarian forints.

Bill - Image: The Hill

Bill – Image: The Hill

The waiter didn't want to believe it and told Mark he thought something was wrong. On the other hand, he confirmed that he really wanted the $10,000 tip. When the waiter asked him why he tipped so much, Mark said that a friend of his had recently died and he had come to Benton Harbor for his funeral. Hill writes.

The employees split the money nine ways, so everyone got just over $1,100. Converted, this corresponds to approximately four hundred thousand forints.

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