A GTA member is working on a remake of Los Santos' Burnout 3 set

A GTA member is working on a remake of Los Santos’ Burnout 3 set

Grand Theft Auto 5 car racing is now being modified, not just any mod! LucasRPDJ showed in a video how he envisioned Burnout 3 treatment, which he had already grasped.

Burnout 3: Takedown was released in 2004 for PlayStation 2 and the first Xbox, and it was one of the most highly rated games in Criterion Games, primarily known as Need for Speed: Now Wanted. Moder tries to conjure up the experience of this in Rockstar, saying the goal is to smuggle in a new kind of arcade driving experience. But you also want to control Burnout 3’s widgets, which cars to drive in, and even consider the online mode of play. What seems, unfortunately, he won’t take over is the Burnout 3 Vehicle Destruction System, which makes the game especially memorable. But check if you can still implement it somehow at the moment.

It is not yet known when the situation will be ready. It’s also not certain that Take-Two and Rockstar will leave their posts without a word. And they will definitely be interested, as the latest burnout is still the 2011 crash! Volts. What fans don’t like to remember, so let’s just say the last significant burnout was Paradise 2008.

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