A greener economy: Another round of applications for EU funding

A greener economy: Another round of applications for EU funding

The technological development of companies operating in the field of green economy will continue to be supported in the amount of HUF 10 billion under the Green National Champions Program. The Ministry of Innovation and Technology announced that you can apply for application pre-qualification from Wednesday.

The objective of GINOP Plusz Tender 1.3.1-21 is to strengthen companies serving energy efficiency improvements, increasing water efficiency, enhancing electric mobility, producing raw materials from secondary sources, and manufacturing end products that replace single use and other plastic products. To date, almost half a hundred of these companies have received support – summed up Laszlo Giorgi, Secretary of State for Economic Strategies and Regulation

Under the program, companies have the opportunity to purchase new equipment and machinery, make real estate investments, apply technologies using renewable energy sources, as well as to carry out pilot development, obtain production licenses and technical knowledge, and use consulting.

Under the call, companies can receive subsidies ranging from 20 million fort to 1.5 billion fort. The form of the subsidy is conditionally non-refundable, and its intensity is a maximum of 50 percent, so the state receives up to 50 forints from an investment of 100 fort.

  • You can apply for Green National Champions pre-qualification after registering at znb.ifka.hu until midnight on January 19, 2022.
  • Post-evaluation requests for support will be available from February 10 to 24, 2022.

The call is open to companies that have at least 3 employees and have at least one full working year closed and are not covered by the CATA. Another criterion is that the net sales of the applicant according to the annual report of the last closed full financial year approved before submitting the application must be at least 30 million HUF.

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It will only be possible to apply for pre-qualification certificates, which will also help ensure the implementation of the most competitive projects.

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