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A giant crocodile appears in a lake full of beachgoers: a scene fit for a horror movie – Terrace

A giant crocodile appears in a lake full of beachgoers: a scene fit for a horror movie – Terrace

Beachgoers who were relaxing on the shores of Lake Raven in Texas had a terrifying adventure over the weekend.

A crocodile about three meters long suddenly appeared in the water, causing great panic. The incident could have ended very badly.

Beachgoers were chased by a crocodile

Swimmers in Huntsville National Park had to contend with a large alligator over the weekend. A video of the strangulation incident was also recorded.

In the recording, you can clearly see how a full-grown crocodile suddenly appeared in the lake, where several young children were playing. As the animal got closer and closer to the children, the parents rushed into the water in panic to rescue them.

The video shows a girl jumping from the pier into the water, and the huge reptile appears to have recognized her.

– It is clear that the crocodile launched towards the girl – said one of the witnesses of the incident to FOX26. He added: “It was like a scene from a movie.”

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the dangerous confrontation. Eyewitnesses confirmed that the size of the animal exceeded three meters.

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