A giant atlas butterfly has been discovered in the United States

The Washington State Department of Agriculture said a butterfly with a wingspan of more than 25 centimeters was first found in the United States, and asked residents to report more sightings. NBC News in his article.

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The atlas moth, considered one of the largest butterflies in the world, was first reported to the government agency last month by a professor at the University of Washington. He was seen in Bellevue, a large suburb of Seattle. The insect naturally lives in Southeast Asia, Thailand or, for example, Indonesia.

The moth was sent to the USDA, which identified it as an Atlas moth. This is believed to be the first sighting in the United States. The Atlas moth is the nocturnal moth with the largest wingspan, and females can reach 26 centimeters.

A huge scary butterfly in Baranya

A huge scary butterfly in Baranya

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