A frightening light appeared over New Zealand

A strange spiral light was observed in the sky over New Zealand on Sunday night local time, writes Watchman. Guided Sightseeing Tours of Stewart Island Alasdair Bernst One of his friends informed him in a letter of the strange sight, and the man himself admired the blue vortex.

According to Bernst, the phenomenon looked like a huge spiral galaxy drifting through the sky very slowly.

“It was a very scary feeling,” he added. The man took several pictures of the scene and also defied his neighbors.

The snail was visible from most of the South Island. There was a lot of speculation on social media about the images, and of course there were those who immediately began to suspect the existence of extraterrestrials.

Richard EasterAccording to a physicist at the University of Auckland, this phenomenon may have been caused by a missile. When the propellant exits the device, the water and carbon dioxide inside can cause clouds to form that can be illuminated by sunlight. Easter said the missile in question may have been launched by SpaceX.

This isn’t the first time a similar vortex has been documented. Also last June capturing This phenomenon is over the Pacific Ocean.

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