A fourth member of Bonanza Banzai has passed away

A fourth member of Bonanza Banzai has passed away

Tibor Fabian, former director of Bonanza Banzai, has passed away. Because of his role in the band, he is seen as the fourth member of the band.

We are left here by the kind and eternal delight Tibor Fabian. Somewhere in the background he was the fourth member of Bonanza – Written by DJ Producer Attila Pal.

The Concert He remembers that Ákos Kovács and Zsolt Hauber appeared on a talent hunt with Banzai Bonanzai, where they were discovered by one of the jury members, their later manager, Tibor Fabian.

At his suggestion, they moved to the category of soloist In the talent search for Csillag Szülik in Pesti Műsor magazine, Namely Ede and Bonanza Banzai, they finished third at the end. Then, like real stars, they broke up due to disagreements, he writes Bhair couple In an article dated a year ago, adding that a year later, under pressure from Tibor Fabian, they found each other again.

Ákos Kovács also said goodbye to the director:

Ákos writes here that it may not have been so well known that he always had close ties to classical music. He was an active member of the singing and orchestra in the Matthias Church. On the occasion of the year of Liszt, many of his great works were performed, for example the Esztergom Requiem, the Hungarian Coronation Requiem and the Missa Choralis – Read the entry.

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