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A four-day workweek can work better than we imagine

A four-day workweek can work better than we imagine

The research speaks for itself. And for a more human-friendly world.

The news came from the town hall in Zumbathele: they’re going to try

The four-day working week is approaching at the mayor’s office in Zumbathele


Four working days a week. They immediately realized the frustrating negative element


who tried to see how terrible indignation she could be about this, all this

Leave the neighbor’s farm animal type

packed in shape. After all, if it can’t be good for me (yet), it shouldn’t be for anyone else! Especially for the municipal employees who drink ice with triple whiskey on their yacht floating in their air-conditioned office!

Well, let everyone be as good as possible.

This is the spiritual minimum we wish for all our fellow citizens, because we want them to demand the same from the School of Life. While something rotten to the core slips from our lips to someone, let the karma of a chameleon flash over our future! We get what we give, amen and namaste. This is one of the lessons from the article on the proposal.

The other is that you shouldn’t get too caught up in the time factor with the news. Whether you say four days or five days – that’s not necessarily the point of everything. But the approach itself, who knows, will open doors in the future. As a great man once said:

I’m not asking for that amount of money for the 10 minutes it takes to do the job, but for the 10 years I’ve spent learning how to do this thing in ten minutes.

Of course, with so many years of routine—and now I’m talking about mental work, I’ll point to it quickly—in some cases, the time to break up a tsunami of tasks can be reduced to such a minimum that a person can get to the point where they finally feel human. For those who do not integrate into the work-based society, every day is restricted because hard work and production is just a tool. (Provin!) A task to do, a small necessity to improve life. A few hours of work, followed by several hours of rest and even more hours of fun.

I can call myself lucky (and always try to remind myself of this) that I have been freelancing for over ten years with a flexible work schedule, just as I love it. At any time and from anywhere. This isn’t just a simple four-day work week anymore, I know, it’s more like a hardcore dream version. However, I can say that I haven’t had any health issues for the same amount of time, I’m more or less balanced, sleep well and even spend the following days more easily thanks to this way of prioritizing my free time. . So yeah, based on my own experience, I’d say we should be happy with the expected test run at that time, because it could set a precedent — an important precedent. The beginning of something very good.

Every step we can take to make sure we don’t look back on our bots’ deathbed is the most important step. And Icelanders’ four-day test between 2015 and 2019 has already proven it works: fewer illnesses and thoughts of exhaustion, and work-life balance restored. The United Kingdom now has 3,000 employees from sixty British companies.

And now, raise your hand if you don’t want every Friday to be a free Friday!

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