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A forgotten village is surrounded by water and there is no help

A forgotten village is surrounded by water and there is no help

The popular village of Aldbourne has been almost completely submerged due to a huge pipe burst and flood protection failing. Incidentally, the location has also been featured in a TV series, and one of Vodafone's Christmas commercials was filmed here too. Residents trapped on endless, flooded roads are begging for help.

Residents of the village of Aldbourne in Wiltshire were exceptionally trapped in their homes, not by incessant rain, but by a huge burst pipe that, according to managers of the private utility company responsible for water supply and wastewater treatment, Thames Water, was “too dangerous” to repair.

The picture is for illustration onlySource: German news agency Picture-Alliance via AFP/Philipp Schulz

Incidentally, the village has also provided the setting for the television series Glue and a Christmas advert for the Vodafone phone company.

A local resident spoke of the chaotic conditions there, which make life hell for all residents. The woman has lived in this village for 15 years, but she had never witnessed a flood of this magnitude before.

According to him, the roads completely disappeared under the water and almost turned into a river. For this reason, people living here and in the surrounding area have become prisoners of their homes, and couriers refuse to deliver anything here because of the danger.


“The drain cover at the front of my house burst because it couldn't handle the amount of water. The Thames Water contractor came out, but by the time they got there, a hole had started forming in my driveway. This hole was half a meter wide and over a meter deep ” – said the woman.


Despite repeated promises by Thames Water that it would find some solution to the dire situation, almost a week later, water is still flowing into the streets. The company told the Daily Star that while engineers investigated the situation, they were unable to complete the investigation due to “high water levels.”


“I know there is a catastrophic weather situation in other parts of the country, but unfortunately no one is paying attention to us, and everyone has forgotten about our small village.” The woman said

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As we have written before, the Great Freeze of 1962-63 caused great chaos and many casualties in Great Britain, and we also showed the bleakest city in Great Britain. In our gallery you can see severe floods in London.

source: Daily Star

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