A flight attendant revealed the dirtiest part of the plane

Unfortunately, planes are not always as clean as we think. Or so we hope. A flight attendant even told me which part of the plane is really the “men’s hot bed.”

During high season, flight attendants don’t have much time to clean the plane between flights. That’s why travel expert and former flight attendant Jane Hooks gave some thought-provoking advice on what travelers should pack to stay clean while on the go.

For example, practical and environmentally friendly bamboo napkins can be very useful.

– They’re absolutely essential when you wake up at the end of a long trip to refresh your skin, but you can also use them to wipe dish counters – otherwise they’re a real breeding ground for bacteria.

By using biodegradable wipes, we can also do a little bit for the environment.

Passengers use tray tables for all kinds of activities. It just so happened that someone brushed a baby on him. This means that the tray can hold a lot of bacteria, but you can quickly wipe off excess dirt with a damp cloth.

We have already written that it is not recommended to take off your shoes at all, as the floor can be very dirty.

As hard as it is to believe, some passengers do this when they go to the toilet on the plane. However, this is not recommended, because hostesses usually do not have the ability to clean the bathroom floor during the day, which means that it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

There is no doubt that flight attendants have a hard time with this. They help with everything on board, from serving drinks and food to calming anxious passengers, plus they can save our lives in an emergency. In other words, they know a secret or two — and that includes what you should never eat or drink while flying.

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