A fire breaks out on the southwest coast of Australia

Wildfires are unstoppable on the southwest coast of Australia, where firefighters have rapidly battled the flames for nearly a month. According to the latest news, a firefighter is being treated for smoke poisoning. They do not know about the civilian casualties.

The fire has now reached the fourth largest city in Australia. Already more than thirty homes have burned down on Perth’s northeastern edgeTherefore, the authorities were forced to evacuate the suburbs despite the curfew imposed a few days ago due to the outbreak of the epidemic.

First Minister of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, said Tuesday that many homes have been burnt to the ground, while the current easterly winds are expected to shift to the northwest. The weather is unpredictable, so a reception center has been established for those who may be in danger.

On Monday, another 7,000 acres of forest were set ablaze, and around 250 firefighters were ordered to put out the 16-kilometer-long area. It’s indeed dangerous to leave Walliunga National Park, but people who live in remote areas of the countryside are encouraged to go out for as long as possible.

Bushfires are becoming more common and severe in Australia. Last year, at this time, the largest fire on record devastated the opposite, on the continent’s east coast.

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