A Final Fantasy PS5 exclusive announced

A Final Fantasy PS5 exclusive announced

Final Fantasy fans might be happy these days because they get some games or accessories for their favorites. The PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake comes with a new DLC, Final Fantasy XVI will (for now only) PS5, Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Endwalker, is coming. But according to one report, a Final Fantasy PS5 exclusive will soon be announced.

a Chronicle Video Games He announced that he had only learned from an insider who called himself Nitra: Another Final Fantasy game would be revealed on E3, and that too (for a while?) Would be exclusive to PlayStation 5. It could be believed that Narrta had previously shared so much information regarding E3. PS5 (like the fact that FFXVI will only be exclusive to PS5 only temporarily) that proved correct, and also leaked original information from Marvel’s Avengers DLC. Leaky anyway writtenWhich – which At least once A bigger announcement will come for Final Fantasy, so we can expect more.

Navtra that too he addedSquare Enix, the developer and publisher, doesn’t know the exact E3 schedule, but he knows which games he’s working on, how far he has developed them, and roughly when he plans to release them. Based on this, he claims Final Fantasy is a PS5 exclusive and a cross-generational game made by Eidos (Montreal?) Will be unveiled in June.

Meanwhile, in this context one Another leak called Souls Hunt Despite this, he claims that this PS5-exclusive Final Fantasy is being developed by Team Ninja, which makes Niohs too, and certainly not by chance: you’ll be like Nioh, too. Nioh is considered to be akin to Souls, however, anyone who has played role-playing games in Team Ninja knows that they resemble FromSoftware’s work in a few ways, and are more cruel and complex than anyway. Incidentally, Souls Hunt says this Final Fantasy game won’t be as sweaty as the Niohs, but rather remind us more of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. They’d even release a demo this summer if everything got it right.

Among many other publishers, Square Enix is ​​also participating in E3 from June 12-15, so we can expect big announcements from it. Before that, of course, Final Fantasy Remake Intergrade will come on June 10, and it will be a temporary PS5 exclusive for 6 months.

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