A few hours later, BTS' poster in Pakistan was deleted because it "promotes homosexuality"

A few hours later, BTS’ poster in Pakistan was deleted because it “promotes homosexuality”

He could only try out a billboard depicting a member of a popular boy band called BTS in a Pakistani city for a few hours before it was taken down by a local official because he said he was “promoting homosexuality.”

One of the band’s members, Jungkook, wanted to be greeted by a fan with a billboard placed at a busy intersection in Gujranwala.

The poster shows Jungkook and above it “Happy Twenty-fourth Birthday”.

However, the poster could only survive a few hours because it was removed by one of the provincial council candidates, Furqan Aziz Butt. The man is a member of an Islamist party called the Islamic Group.

Pat told Vice that he had received many complaints about the label.

Young people also live in this city. BTS has a bad influence on them and encourages them to do the wrong things. They promote homosexuality.”

Pat did not even understand why Gujranwala’s army was put on the label. Army means army in English, but it’s also the collective name for BTS fans.

“Those who put up the poster here call themselves the Gujranwala Army. There is only the Pakistan Army here.”

BTS is one of the most popular bands in the world, if not the most popular at the moment, and they also have a lot of fans in Hungary. Some also have 444 Make a videoThey tell them why they think there is so much hype around the boy band. (vice)

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