A fan saved a hockey team manager's life

A fan saved a hockey team manager’s life

He was deputy equipment manager for the Vancouver Canucks, the North American professional hockey league, with his team in Seattle on October 23 when the league’s rookie Kraken played for the first time on the ice at home. The man did not deal with him for long, but a fan sitting behind him began to hit the plank hard to draw attention to himself, and the woman had good reason to do so. Satisfied with the gigs and finally turning back, Hamilton was shocked by the reality:

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Showing her phone, the cheerful woman pointed out with a short text: “The spot on her neck is cancerous.”

Returning home after the match, the professional was not allowed to calm down with the fan’s message and got into trouble. In consultation with her doctor, I underwent a biotiny on it, and in the end it turned out that the woman was right. The spot on Hamilton’s neck was stage II of melanoma. But thanks to the woman, she saved her life because skin cancer is one of the most aggressive types of cancer and it was detected in time.

“The doctor said that if I don’t take the letter seriously, and say I’ll visit her in only four to five years, I’m sure I’m done.” ESPN Hamilton said.

“I have no idea how he noticed it because it wasn’t that big, I was sitting in the jacket on the bench and even the radio was in my ear and the rope behind my neck. It stretched and saved my life. He’s my hero.”

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Hamilton fumbled in the dark for a long time, and saved his life. Until finally on the last day of the year, Canucks was on social media Mutual The story is wonderful. Social media picked up the post almost immediately and quickly made its way to the Seattle Ladies of the Kraken fan group that day, one of the members, Yukyung Nelson, only recognized the woman as her daughter. Orego.

It turns out that the fan hero is Nadia Popovici who was a medical student at the University of Washington by the way.

After the story ends with Happyend, Hamilton also met his savior in person, which the team recorded on Twitter:

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