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A fairy tale come true – A piece of cake opened a pastry shop in the city center

A fairy tale come true – A piece of cake opened a pastry shop in the city center

It’s no exaggeration to say that the store on Szalay Street is like a fairy tale come true. We can get lost for a long time in the minute details, which are almost glaring to include in a demanding Instagram story, but there is one thing that can easily distract us, and that is the cookie counter. The choice is never easy, but fortunately we can visit them any week from Thursday to Sunday, so there are plenty of opportunities for tasting.

Owners: Alexandra Horvath and Levente Pero

The story of Egy cipet torta began eight years ago: Why did you open your pastry shop this fall?

The truth is that we planned to open our pastry shop in the fall of 2020, but the pandemic changed everything. We don’t even regret it, because we couldn’t find a better place than the current one. Opening now is possible because we had to resource and overcome many small and large obstacles.

How was the location chosen? Did you consciously research the area, or do you prefer to adapt the concept to the opportunity?

Last February, Andy Zakos, one of the owners of Naturalii Concept Store — and also our future interior designer — contacted us to tell us that they had outgrown their store at the time and, in consultation with the owner, wanted the vacant property to be transferred to be in good hands, so they thought we would be. We were so happy because we couldn’t have found a more perfect store even if we had searched.

Can you tell me a little about the interior design?

Since, as mentioned, Andy also had a passion for the place, and we had a good relationship for years and worked together on many joint projects, he agreed to design the interior for us. The starting point was that the space had to match our image, our cakes, be a place that resonated with our brand, and it was important that the design was at least timeless. We wanted it to create a warm, heart-warming atmosphere when you walk in. In addition to this kind of direction finding, we let ourselves go, the plans were created exactly as we imagined them, and what we saw even surpassed the live visual plans. We are incredibly grateful!

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What are the most popular flavors when ordering cakes or biscuits from you? What are the most frequently purchased items in a pastry shop?

Our main flavor in terms of cake sales in recent years is salted caramel cream cheese. There were times we took it out of range to replace it with a new one, but it was still in demand, so we had to bring it back, and we believe it will remain a permanent feature forever. Of course, there are also one or two favorites each year, and which one is the favorite to serve varies in terms of cake. As for desserts, after week eight, our winners are the fall pavlova, Sacher tart, and the choux inspired by the aforementioned salted caramel tart.

In the case of events, whether it’s cakes or pastries, how often do customers arrive with a fixed opinion or to what extent do they give you freedom and listen to your suggestions?

Apart from some exceptions, most clients in recent times give us freedom and rely on our expertise in terms of taste and appearance as well. This is convenient for both parties, because it is truly a pleasure to work, and thanks to it the final result can be the best we can. We are fortunate that we have been able to fulfill a lot of orders over the years, because this way we can serve you with a fairly wide variety. We had time to practice, learn, perfect the flavors and hone the decorative movements.

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Do you have any particularly memorable experiences with requests from past years?

We have many memorable moments, but perhaps the most memorable moment was when the mobile phone company ordered 3,000 selections of cookies for its employees. It was a project that seemed like it would never end, but we loved it.

What can guests expect during the holiday season, what specialties have you prepared?

We have tried to revamp the home-made flavors that we have been used to since childhood, because the truth is that we are a bit conservative when it comes to Christmas. We prepare many products with a longer shelf life, which are also excellent for gifting and have been a huge hit in recent years. Of course, you can’t miss the baking, and there will be 4-5 winter-flavored desserts on the table.

Speaking of Christmas, what are the dishes that you can never miss from your home’s Christmas dinner table?

This is Scandinavian salmon soup, and of course stuffed cabbage is prepared every year, and of course it’s not a holiday without gerbera and bread. There are always small innovations, but the traditional, established recipes and customs are the best at Christmas.

Sure, it’s easier during the holidays, but during the rest of the year, what inspires the flavors and designs of desserts?

This varies a lot, sometimes it’s an inspiring trip, sometimes it’s a restaurant dish, sometimes we want to showcase a color or shape in the form of a dessert. The beauty of nature and architecture are also great sources of inspiration. There is something hidden everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open.

In addition to the special style of cakes and interior decoration, great emphasis has also been placed on presentation. What can you know about the ceramics used in the pastry shop?

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We collected them from many places, and they are mixed, but made up of elements that fit together and can be easily varied. You can find, for example, pieces from major home furnishing brands, but we also ordered designer plates and cups from Denmark. The serving plates and cake plates have been collected over many years, and finally not only were they put in boxes between two photo shoots, but they now grace the most beautiful part of our table.

The pastry shop also has a ‘deli rack’ where you can buy lots of special ingredients for baking. On what basis are the products brought here, and where did the idea of ​​making them available for purchase in the store come from?

Products were put on shelves that people had been looking for before and were interested in where to get them. These are all things we use or love, and they are usually available from wholesalers, or they are handmade and not easy to get hold of. Chocolate lozenges, cocoa beans, chocolate bars, various chocolates, ceramics, cake plates, handbags and even candles have space made available. They’re also great as a gift if you need to come up with something quickly.

Hangulatfügüt was created five years ago, with a completely unique concept and design compared to the collection of local recipe books. What path have you taken since then? Can we expect a sequel?

The book was a real joy in every respect. It was published privately, so there were no real frames. Of course for this reason, he was afraid that it would not reach as many people as if it had been published by a major publisher. However, only a few copies of the book are available from distributors, and to this day we receive a lot of positive feedback, so a reprint is planned, and a new volume will be released in a year or two.

the pictures: Arun Erdohati

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