A dwarf country deserves to escape from a pandemic

While there have been more than a billion doses of coronavirus vaccines on Earth Were presentedThe recent variants of viruses are making it increasingly difficult to fight the epidemic around the world. New Zealand, which is considered the most resistant to Covid-19 to date, has lost its primacy in it Bloomberg In the first list, Singapore takes its place: the city-state is already the best place in the world to fight the pandemic.

The list was launched by the economic portal last November, and since then Singapore has managed to improve its ranking month after month and topped the list among the countries most resistant to the epidemic in April.

In the dwarf country of Southeast Asia, the infection rate is close to zero, thanks to strict border controls and quarantine rules, so the life of local residents has already returned to normal; They can even go to concerts and cruises.

Photo: AFP

Although there is a similar degree of freedom in New Zealand, the city-state has greatly benefited from Singapore’s vaccination program; Already 23.3 percent of its population Received At least the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine.

Countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan, which have succeeded in curbing the spread of the virus by closing their external borders and taking measures to restrict the movement of their citizens within the country, have paid less attention to vaccines in general. Partly because the vaccination was not vital to them after focal points isolation and excision.

In addition to freedom, Bloomberg’s list takes into account data on infections and deaths, the evolution of vaccination programs, and the economic impact of the pandemic. Combined, India is currently the country of greatest concern in Asia, with more than 300,000 new cases of coronavirus recorded every day.

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