A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer changed Gabor's life

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer changed Gabor’s life

Invited to Cannes Docs Professional Program at Cannes Film Fair Asia Monastery I’m not dead It is a documentary project entitled The Incubator Program of the National Film Institute, which will be shown next year. The first part of the documentary will be shown for the first time in a film exhibition associated with the Cannes Film Festival, which begins on May 17. The prestigious Professional Forum presents promising upcoming projects to festival organizers and distributors long before they are seen by the general public.

One of the 2019 Incubator winners was Dér Asia’s first all-night solo film project – because the director With Siraj Haragonics Together, they already had a movie all night, which is a very successful movie my mom’s story. The protagonist of the documentary is Gabor, a successful gallery owner and life lover who faces news of having pancreatic cancer overnight. He has an amazing energy for change, it doesn’t break down, in fact, it’s like seeing an opportunity in his illness to find answers to the questions that have always plagued him.

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The film will screen on the festival circuit – Women Doc Accelerator’s Choice, which will highlight four women-only documentaries this year.

The I’m not dead (international address successful man) Krisztina Meggyes, Veronica Noemi Zaccone And Mate Arthur VinceiThe documentary is being produced by Match Frame Productions and is scheduled to be seen by the public next year.

The Incubator Program, launched in 2015, receives approximately seventy requests annually from novice filmmakers, thirty-eight first-time film teams have received production support and about twenty films have been produced. was among them Zsófia Szilágyi one day And Laszlo Tsuga Valley of Flowers road movie and Dorothea Zerbo easy lessons documentary. But Giorgi More Karpati guerrilla his movie Attila Hartung FOMO – You share and rule Cinema, from Zoltan Nagy The in beautiful silenceAnd from Abel Fisky The dungeon talesde Grossan Christina You have to bark at the best of things And Little Hajni separate flock He was also an incubator as he was Nandor Lorencz And Palnet Nagy As far as I know Drama, straight Máté Fazekas eviction spelling. The closest movie to the incubator program Xanox It will be released in cinemas at the end of May Banu Barani in order.

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