A devastating cyclone is approaching Australia

A tropical storm that is expected to cause great damage when it reaches the coast is approaching from the Indian Ocean towards the northwest region of Australia, so the authorities ordered the evacuation of people living in coastal and low-lying areas, as well as all people who reside there.

Hurricane Elsa, currently a magnitude 2, is expected to become the strongest Category 4 storm when it passes through the sparsely populated Pilbara Coast in Western Australia Thursday night or early Friday local time, somewhere near the mining town of The Australian Bureau of Meteorology said Port Hedland and the popular tourist destination in the area between Broome.

In the affected area, destructive winds of more than two hundred kilometers per hour are expected, accompanied by unusually high sea waves,

Which can cause severe damage to buildings, infrastructure and the environment.

Storms of magnitude 4 on the five-point Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale typically cause significant building damage, knock out power, and bring debris with them.

The Pilbara coast was last devastated by 4 storms in December 2013; Hurricane Christine brought strong winds of nearly 200 kilometers per hour, torrential rain, destroyed roof structures and caused power outages.

They have already contacted indigenous communities living in the path of the cyclone, cattle ranches, gold, copper and iron ore mines and tourism workers operating there, and evacuated their staff, Darren Clem, the government’s commissioner for emergency services, said on Wednesday. . Port Hedland’s port facilities have been evacuated.

Homeowners, presumably unable to withstand the strong gusts of wind4, were asked to leave the area.

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At the same time, the authorities sent aid workers, basic supplies and aircraft to the evacuation area, Klim added.

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