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A deep-sea creature with a shocking appearance and pointy teeth washed up on the California beach: I took a photo of it – Terrace

A deep-sea creature with a shocking appearance and pointy teeth washed up on the California beach: I took a photo of it – Terrace

An unusual-looking creature that lives in the depths of the sea, washed up on the ocean shore in California. Unilad reported. These fish rarely approach the surface, and usually stay in the depths of the ocean, in the darkest areas.

Deep sea fish

A deep-sea fish belonging to the anglerfish group washed up in the ocean in California a few days ago.

Animals live in that part of the ocean where almost no light reaches. Their skin is dark and their mouths are full of small pointed teeth. Above their heads there is a special extension characteristic of anglerfish, with which they can lure their victims into a trap. We currently know of more than 200 different species of game fish. This species gets its name from its hunting style.

The fish’s extension is actually a special bait, the end of which is located near its mouth. The bait contains bacteria that emit light.

In the darkness of the deep ocean, many fish may see light as prey, but this could not be further from the truth. As another fish swims closer to the bait, it finds itself face to face with the angler’s sharp teeth.

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The specimen found off the coast of California was a Pacific footballfish that can live at depths of up to 900 metres.

“It is extremely rare for an anglerfish in such good condition to wash ashore in the ocean, and at this time we do not know how this specimen made it to shore,” California’s Crystal Cove State Park wrote about the fish in a Facebook post.

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Our featured image is an illustration, source: Getty Images Hungary

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